Thursday, February 6, 2014

5 Natural Tips for Treating Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

Trying to treat under eye bags and puffiness can feel hopeless after having tried almost every solution possible. Relax and try again until you get to the root of what's causing it, which can be any variety of reasons from an unhappy gut, poor diet, medication, vitamin deficiency, stress a lack of sleep the list keeps going. Speaking of sleep, that is the absolute BEST remedy, nothing can help cure drooping eyes like sleep and reducing stress.

Other probable causes could be your body responding to too much alcohol and salt both of which lead to water retention and can provoke swelling. Allergies and sinuses are often the main culprits for the appearance of puffy eyes and swelling. If this is the case for you, stop eating whatever is causing the flare ups. On the other hand, mucous causing foods: dairy, wheat and gluten are oftentimes the main agents for causing puffiness and dark circles. The excess mucous in your body stores fat deposits, which can lead to the under eye poof. In my experience, when I ate less wheat and dairy (I'm soooo trying to stop eating wheat 100% of the time, but I'm 80% there) my puffiness began to clear up more rapidly. Well, whatever your cause (I suggest you to get to the root, you'll be happy you did), here are a some suggestions on how to get this resolved. Pay close attention to your body to see what is and isn't working. 

TIP 1: Used coffee filters, well if you're still brewing your coffee in the pot (the old fashioned way), thanks to the advent of the Keurig, then this solution may work. If old fashioned, then after brewing a pot of fresh roasted coffee, remove the filter and give it some time to drain or squeeze the remaining liquids out. Cover it in plastic wrap and place it on your eye lids for at least 5-10 minutes daily (if really eyes are reeeally puffy and/or heavy dark circles) or a at least three times a week if it's not so severe. You can also place drained coffee filters in the freezer until their frozen, then place the filters over your eyes. This method is very soothing, and I experienced more rapid results with continued use.

TIP 2: Used tea bags, same as above strain a couple of used tea bags and apply to your eyes. You can also freeze the tea bags to offer a cooling effect and additional relief. Peppermint and green tea are the best teas to use in this instance.

TIP 3: Turmeric milk, pour in ice tray and freeze until they become cubes then place the cubes over your eyes. Turmeric is rich with anti-inflammatory properties, which will help to reduce the under eye swell. Create your very own turmeric milk which is REEEEALLLY easy to do and has plenty amazing benefits, check out the recipe and learn more about its benefits at Frugally Sustainable.  

TIP 4: Moisturize, I mean specifically under and your eyes. Massage your moisturizer around your eyes in a circular motion. 

TIP 5: Apply moisturizers at night, such as coconut, vitamin-E oil or lanolin. Using your fingertips massage 1-3 drops of either one of these oils around your eyes. In the morning, rinse using a warm face towel before washing your face. Personally, this method has yielded me the absolute best and most immediate results.

Of course there are more than five ways to beautify your eyes, so check back soon to find out more tips on how to kiss the under eye puff goodbye. I'll also update this post and share reasons why and how these natural tips work. In the meantime, leave a comment below and share your tips as well.