Sunday, October 9, 2016

DIY: Old Time Fave Milk Bath Recipe

Hey loves,

Winter is coming.

So... here's an age-old, skin softening technique to include in your skincare regimen. Your mom or grandmother may have given them to you when you were just a little, adorable munchkin. But, the busy-ness of life has taken such timely luxuries out your beauty routine. These types of everyday living practices are now reserved for spas and we pay top dollar for them.

If shelling out dough for these pampering services is your thing, then by all means enjoy! On the other hand, if you're in need of some TLC that's a little closer to home and wanna save yourself some money, then check out this skin softening milk bath recipe that'll have your skin glowing and silky smooth.

As you know your skin is a living, breathing organism. In fact, it's the largest organ on your body; with this in mind, we hear a lot about the importance of eating healthy and proper diet to keep our body internally balanced and operating at an optimal level. 

Meanwhile, little to no attention is given to the importance of proper skin maintenance -- at least not from a natural, healthy point of view. Sure, you've seen anti-wrinkle ads and commercials promising radiant youth, but nothing speaking to your skin's diet for longterm skin health. 

Some people may be experiencing the bonuses of beautiful skin from genetics and/or reaping the benefits of eating a healthy diet, drinking proper fluids (water/electrolytes) and exercise. In an effort to keep a good thing going, the ingredients that you place on your skin matter. 

One of the ways you can nourish your skin is by enjoying a creamy milk bath. Simply, soak your sore muscles and relax your mind when you create a setting of tranquility by lighting candles, playing your favorite music and unwind with this creamy milk bath,  but first lather up with a delicious smelling handmade soap...

Milk bath recipe

Powdered Milk -- 2 cup
Grounded/Powdered Oatmeal -- 1 cup
Lavender or Rose Essential Oil -- 15 drops
Epson salt -- 1/4 cup

You can mix all ingredients together and pour into the tub, or add each ingredient one by one.

- Avec Amour