Tuesday, October 21, 2014

EVENT RECAP: Enterovirus D68/Ebola - Boost Your Defenses Naturally

Recently, I attended a workshop called, Enterovirus D68/Ebola - Boost Your Defense Naturally at Exhalation Integrative Wellness. The workshop was very informational, so much so, I decided to share what I've learned...

We learned that humans encounter hundreds of viruses on a daily basis, and were encourage to drop the fear about the latest scare. Viruses initially attack and weaken the immune system; therefore, one of the absolute best lines of defense from viral infections is to strengthen your immunity. Below are three simple ways to defend yourself from such an attack, but first let's learn a little bit more about a couple of viruses that received some notability recently.

Every so often, one virus takes center stage and is popularized through the media. You've heard of some of them: H1N1 (Swine Flu), Avian Flu (Bird Flu), Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Ebola is the newest quote/unquote viral epidemics.

Ebola is a viral infection that causes fever, fatigue, internal bleeding joint and muscle pain. It is not airborne and can spread through bodily fluids like saliva, vomit, diarrhea, genital fluids, or surfaces and materials containing any of the viral fluids. It also can spread with direct exposure to the blood and bodily organs.

The Enterovirus D68 effects the respiratory tract, causing runny nose, fever, coughing, body and muscle aches. It is one of 100 strains of the enterovirus.

In light of the recent Ebola scare, workshop facilitator, Dr. Karla Mitchell shared preventative tips on how to naturally boost you and your family's immune defense with three natural alternatives:

1) Be Young Essential Oil's Spice of Life Defense & Guardian, good for strengthening the immune system and can be used as a preventative measure for cold and flu. This particular brand of essential oils are therapeutic grade, which means in additional to external use, they also can be taken internally. For usage instructions and dosage, consult a qualified natural health care provider. It can purchased online or directly at Exhalation Integrative Wellness. Essential oils, especially a high-quality therapeutic grade, is a natural medicine cabinet keepsake.

2) Homeoprophylaxis, a homeopathic remedy that drains the lymphatic system, detoxifies major organs and naturally (not chemically) triggers the body's immune response. This group of products is a highly touted natural alternative to vaccination. Although natural, this also must be used under supervision of a natural health care provider. This modality is offered at Exhalation Integrative Wellness.

3) Master Tonic, an anti-viral, anti-fungal Ayervedic decongestant tonic. This tonic can be created in the comforts of your home using ginger, turmeric, onions, garlic, cayenne and apple cider vinegar. After combining ingredients, allow it to age for at least three-weeks. This tonic helps to boost immunity while busting through mucus. It's most useful for clod/flu prevention and can be used in place of OTC medicine when fighting cold/flu.

BONUS: For those residing in Detroit-area; you can learn how to make this tonic first-hand from Naturopathic Doctor, Karla Mitchell at Exhalation Integrative Wellness on Nov. 8 at 2 p.m.

Still want to know more? Feel free to go to the source, Karla Mitchell is a naturopathic doctor and certified natural health professional. Her natural health and healing center offers free consultations, and accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, medicaid, FSA and HSA.

- Avec Amour

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Golden Turmeric Milk = Glowing Skin

Image courtesy of artur84 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Whatever you put in your body, eventually gets filtered through your skin, making the foods and beverage you consume vital. The foods you eat during cold and flu season are crucial to the upkeep of your health in that it will either serve as nourishment or slowly begin to compromise your health.

As a preventative measure, here's a recipe to a delicious ancient drink -- golden milk -- that will help get you going again.

Golden Milk Recipe:

Almond milk: you can substitute for coconut, rice milk or any other milk of choice (3 cups)
Turmeric (3 tsp) - (if using fresh turmeric, use mortar and pestle to grind it into powder form)
Cardamon (2 tsp) - powder
Cinnamon (1 tsp) - ground
Ginger (1/2 tsp diced) - fresh or ground
Black Pepper (1/2 tsp) - peppercorn or ground

So here's how you make it...

Warm milk over medium heat, add spices and stir. Allow mixture to come to a boil for about 10-minutes, and then reduce the temperature to low heat. Strain, then pour into a cup and of course let it cool for about 2-minutes and sip and enjoy. 


This touted kitchen spice is most popular as an ingredient in Indian cuisine. In addition to its savory flavor, it is what creates the yellow tint in curry powder. Among its long list of nutritional benefits, here's a list of turmeric's top five benefits:

  1. Anti-inflammatory benefits, making it great for inflamed digestive tracks 
  2. Natural detox, including organs and blood
  3. Evens skin tone, great for external and internal use to help keep skin looking toned
  4. Antioxidant, helps fight free radicals, which causes pre-mature aging
  5. Immune system strengthener, has antimicrobal, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties

- Avec Amour