Saturday, May 31, 2014

REVIEW: Products of Our Environment

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When it comes to the products we use on our body, comprehending the ingredients in most of them require a scientist or fluency in Latin to decode. Resulting in many people feeling helpless trying to decipher between organic and non-GMO, or distinguish paraben-free from vegan made. All of this jargon without a guide to help sift through the clutter can feel exhausting, I know.

Recently, author Ray Stone takes the mystery out of the encrypted labels in his latest book "Products of Our Environment." With a straight talk, no chaser approach he gives in-depth knowledge about the toxins lurking in many everyday products. In addition to exposing their side-effects, he shares solutions as to how you can take better care of your body and home.

Encouraging readers to use safe, all natural ingredients as the book cautions, "Anything you put on your porous skin will enter the bloodstream four times faster than when you ingest it through the mouth."

After explaining the dangerous side-effects associated with using commercial products, the author offers useful homesteading tips; take for instance the recommendation (and recipes) to create and/or use natural and effective alternatives for: bleach, aftershave, lotion, soap, vitamins, air freshener, laundry detergent and much more.   

"Products of Our Environment" stresses the importance of using "quality" natural products from a caring source in place of mass-produced synthetic concoctions.

The author learned from many renowned and esteemed herbalists, healers and thought-leaders including: Dr. Sebi, Jewel Pookrum, Chef Ahki, Dejuty Ma'at, Dr. Keefa Lorraine, Vandana Shiva and many, many more.

The book covers a lot of ground in just 154 pages reminding readers the importance of staying connected to that which is natural and sprouted from nature. For more information, check out the website: 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Five Natural Tips for Dry Skin Types

No one wants to deal with dull, dry skin. Yet, many are clueless about ways to restore its luster. Rather than continuing to do stuff that further dries out your skin -- like smoking, excessive alcohol, dry and cold weather exposure --   here are some cues to get your skin glowing in no time:

Coconut Water: internal hydration is critical when it comes to moisturizing dry skin.  Of course we know that water is necessary and needed for human survival, without it you'll die. However, another water source that's often overlooked yet offers bursts of hydration is coconut water. It's loaded with nutrients like potassium, glucose, vitamin C, vitamin B, electrolytes, antioxidants; it also oxygenates the skin and that's the short list. You can use it internally or externally to achieve radiant skin. Other water-rich foods sources are: watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew. Eat water rich foods helps to further lubricate the body insideout.

Fats & Oils: Addressing water dehydration is one side of the coin. However, healthy fats and oils also play an important role in keeping your skin moisturized from the insideout. Eating healthy fats helps to improve blood flow and supports elasticity to the skin. Let me be clear here, when I say that fats increases blood flow, I mean healthy nutritious fats like cod liver oil, avocado, nuts, or olives are just a few examples. These healthy fats help to keep skin supple and moisturized, as they are not naturally produced in the body so you must get them through food sources only.

Soap: Using too much soap causes the chemicals in the detergents to strip your skin of its moisture. When you do use soap, try a chemical-free natural soap for best results. It should have both cleansing and moisturizing components. Every dry skin type is different, and should be treated as such, so you may have to shop around until find the natural soap that fits you best. One of my favorite natural soap brands is Zum Bar. It is made with goats milk and several other natural oils, making it a good moisturizing cleanser for dry skin types. *Side note: have you reeally looked at the commercial soap labels lately, they don't call themselves soap... hmmm, so what are you reeally using on your skin?

Moisturizers: Use moisturizers immediately after your bath or shower to deeply lubricate skin. Use natural moisturizers -- like vitamin-E, shea, cocoa butter, aloe vera gel, etc. -- to deeply nourish skin. Natural moisturizers feed your skin a steady diet of beneficial fatty-acids, antioxidants (anti-aging), vitamins, minerals and amino-acids helping to nourish and keep skin looking vibrant.

Products: Limit your use of alcohol-based cleansers, moisturizers and toners, as it has a drying effect on the skin. With this in mind, avoid spraying perfume (which also is alcohol based, in most cases) directly on your skin, splash on your clothes instead. Speaking of products, it's important to use products with whole ingredients that can be found in nature rather than a laboratory, as your skin is your largest organ. Just as it is important to properly nourish your internal organs (kidneys, liver, reproductive, lungs, etc.), it is just as critical to supplement your external organ -- the skin. Avoid feeding your skin factory made chemicals that the body doesn't recognize or filter after it's becomes toxic and disrupts hormones.

Exercise: Want airbrushed looking skin? Move... and move often. Exercise, helps to stimulate your metabolism and lymphatic system resulting in proper blood flow, a key component to rich, bright looking skin. A healthy, active metabolism more often than not results in even toned, clear skin, as this is an indicator of good flowing digestive system. Exercise is a useful way to trigger proper digestion. When it comes to your health, the digestive system is a critical factor in keeping your body operating at its optimal level.

Stay tuned for more tips on how you can improve shine to your skin. Rather than go on and on about ways you can improve your skin's brightness; I'll continue to offer more tips and take a deeper dive into your skin's health and beauty connection. 

*NOTE: This information is to be used as a guide, these suggestions may not be suitable for every person's circumstances. However, I encourage you to investigate further about your health/beauty needs. Your regimen should be tailored and personalized to suite you and your unique set of needs. However, it is recommended to consult your personal care practitioner for certified support. There are plenty more tips but for brevity sake, we kept this post to five tips. But, please keep searching till you find your groove, one in which only you will know once it has been found. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

There is pretty much nothing else that can take a toll on your body like stress. Not only does it speed up the aging process, but it also compromises your health so drastically it is one of the main causes of many ailments. When you feel your temper rise, demands coming from every direction and your schedule is jumping off the charts... what do you do? It's not difficult to feel stressed and overwhelmed these days; keeping calm takes deep skill and practice.

Rather than stressing, or blowing your top -- STOP -- take a few deep breaths. I know it may sound cornball and maybe even a little passive, but as fate would have it your breathing patterns really do direct your mood. Think about it, have you ever breathed slowly, softly and gently while you were reeeeeally upset and irate? My guess is no, more like short shallow breaths, reducing the amount of oxygen to the brain as your body prepares for a fight or flight response. Which is why deep breathing is one of the best ways to help you calm down. 

Remaining anxious becomes difficult when you adopt a positive outlook. So, it wouldn't hurt to have positive thoughts along with your deep, intensive breathing. 

However, there will be times when no matter how much you try to breathe through your issue(s) or use positive thinking you're still fuming, your heart is racing and you try to get a grip but can't keep your cool (don't sweat, it happens to the best of us).

When in this situation, here are a few tips to help you keep your peace:

B Vitamins: The B vitamins, specifically B12, helps alleviate depression and anxiety. This helpful vitamin increases the neurotransmitter serotonin, which regulates mood, appetite and sleep. In most cases, the added boost of serotonin results in improved mood. You'll find it to be pretty helpful to keep B12 supplements handy, as the B vitamins are vital to overall health. My favorite B supplement is from the NOW brand, because they sell it in liquid form. Whenever possible I use liquid vitamins to help increase nutrient absorption. 

Lavender: Give yourself an on-the-spot spa treatment, as this aromatherapy essential oil is most noted for its ability to help you feel cool, calm and collected.  One study even shows that its just as effective in treating anxiety as many of the leading drug brands like Valium and Ativan. There is concern that lavender may cause hormone imbalances, especially in developing males... but blogger, Mommy Potamus finds the original study and uncovers that this caution is smoke and mirrors.  However, if you're concerned about this warning, by all means consult a qualified professional naturopath or aromatherapist.

Sage: Along with its aforementioned counterpart, lavender; sage is native to the mint family. Modern usage consist of taking sage leaf capsules, whereas many traditional and folk cultures burn sage or smudge sticks to improve the positive energy in one's home, office or living space. In a double-blind study, research has shown sage leaf capsules effectiveness in helping to boost mood.

Energetic Cleansing: Which leads into my final tip -- energetic cleansing (or as I would like to call it freedom therapy). This intensive, guided therapy helps you to re-harmonize with the environment by removing and eliminating energetic blocks caused by physical and emotional imbalances. A one-hour session includes: sound, plant/flower therapy, mindful meditation, fire-cupping and massage. I have gotten this service through Noble Snow Natural Health and was overcome with a feeling of peacefulness, clarity and might I add... balance. Personally, the stress of "too much-ness" was beginning to take its toll; but after this session I was fully recharged and somehow equipped with an inner-knowing of how best to keep it all together.

Noble Snow Natural Health

Each session is an individual experience and is tailored to suite each person's needs; so as with all things, results may vary.

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