Saturday, March 28, 2015

Detroit's Herbal Renaissance

There is a vibrant natural health renaissance happening in Detroit. While growing up in the city, my neighbors and elders included people who gardened and ate healthy, fresh foods. As a first line of defense, they relied on home remedies before running to the hospital.

Naturally, it's nostalgic to witness first-hand that my city is populating with herbalists, urban gardeners, naturopaths and so much more! Below is a list of just some of the local herbalists here in the city. Please be mindful that this is not a complete list, as there are people I'm still meeting and people who are gathering the nerve to go for it, and quite a few folks who prefer to practice on family and friends only.

Nevertheless, it's an honor to share with you a few my personal faves, so here goes...

Lottie Spady - founder of Earth Seed Detroit specializing in elderberry and artisanal herbal syrups. Her specialty focuses on the emotional and healing properties of roses, subsequently most of her mixes include rose petals and rosehips. She also infuses the healing and visionary impact of journaling. Follow her on Facebook to stay updated on her next journaling workshop and products.

Lotus Earth Creations, LLC - A local distributor of natural, non-toxic body products: raw African shea butter, Young Living high therapeutic grade essential oils, raw black soaps from Ghana and Dudu Oshun from Nigeria. Also sells: incense, polished and raw crystals, gemstones, Lingam stones, yoni eggs and so much more. The husband/wife team vends every Saturday at the Eastern Market on the Ethnic Bridge, and has a well stocked home store on Detroit's west side. Fullmoon (co-operator of Earth Creations) also is a certified herbalist and loctitian.

Adora b.k.a. Woodward Walker - it's been said before that GOD was showing out when creating her, and I couldn't agree more. This herbalist also makes jewelry, vegan meals, crocheted accessories, nutrient-filled green smoothies (coming back soon, so check her Facebook page), but aside from that she also makes herbal medicines. To stay updated about her latest offerings, follow her on Facebook. Currently she's offers: alfalfa oil (hair strengthening serum), and Earthseed Butter, a soothing balm for infants and children. 

Anjela Newsom - every herbalist knows the first line of defense starts with what you eat. This culinary powerhouse started on her herbal path preparing healthy, fresh meals. Nowadays, she's in the kitchen, but this time preparing herbal medicines. She also wildcrafts, teaches DIY workshops and is working with husband Gregg Newsom to rehab a 100 year old home on Detroit's eastside. This house renovation project is called Detroit3rdMind, which will be transformed into an urban retreat center, including: medicinal garden, bed & breakfast and collective space. Visit the website, and donate to help this soon to be community resource.

Misha - creator of Lotus Tribe Collective body products creating yoni healing products from belly butter, yoni bath mixes to waist beads. She tailors her products for yoni-healing and women empowerment. As she completes nursing school this spring, she'll merge her additional training, strengthening her knowledge as a doula.

NOTE: Please know that this is not complete list. In fact, it may become a series, perhaps the next post will highlight the male herbalists in the city. However, if I've missed you please write me at I'll only endorse people I know -- verifying that they're working ethically, holistically and most of all lovingly -- so,  I'm always looking forward to meeting more folks who are wild about nature and plants. 

Btw, the above mentioned people are some of the most amazing people on the planet, so even if you aren't looking for herbal/natural care... they're great people to know.

One Love!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Healthy Foods and Restaurants in Detroit

Eating healthy in Detroit is becoming easier, as more healthy grocery options like Peaches & Greens, Earthworks Urban Farm, D-Town Farm, Goodwells and farmers markets sprout throughout the neighborhoods. Plus there's this list of local markets, some of which travel throughout the city.

When you're steadily on the move or just not in the mood to throw down in the kitchen, here's a list of local eateries, serving up some fresh vegetarian and vegan courses... 

Goldengate Cafe at the Innate Healing Center (Palmer Park area)

Le Petit Zinc (Corktown) 

Majestic Cafe (Corktown)

PJs Lager House (Corktown)

Dime Store (Downtown)

GO Smoothies (Downtown)

Craft Work (Indian Village)

Woodbridge Pub (Woodbridge/Wayne State University area)

Honest John's (Midtown)

Whole Foods Market Detroit (Midtown)

Hot Taco (Downtown)

Detroit Vegan Soul (Indian Village)

Cass Cafe (Midtown)

Seva (Midtown)

Shangri-La (Midtown)

Russel Street Deli (Eastern Market)

- Avec Amour