Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Listen to Your Gut

While surfing the Internet, I just ran across the ubiquitous post that goes something like "avoid natural products because they're not safe." Oftentimes, I'll continue reading processing the information with a grain of salt, as the authors usually caution that natural products (herbs, vitamins, supplements, home remedies, etc.) are unsafe because:
  • It hasn't been FDA tested and approved
  • Not enough research, oh no!
  • It didn't work for me, so it won't work for you
  • May cause side effects, oh no!
The Internet is flooded with "Do This NOT That" articles, which can be confusing. So, I'm hoping this post can offer some clarity.

For starters, pick what works best for you and your body type and stick to it. In a recent post I read, the writer said when she applied baking soda to her skin it caused a reaction, and therefore suggested that no one else should use baking soda on their skin.

The fact of the matter is that the fabric of your very being is uniquely yours (thanks to DNA). This means, when a product does/doesn't work it can be attributed to a variety of factors that may or may not apply to the next person. Some of these reasons can include: genetic predisposition(s), diet, stress, alcohol, pH balance, smoking, exercise, etc. 

So making generalizations without sharing this background info can be misleading. Of course, no one wants to publicly disclose their health information and it's your right to keep it private; but at least be more objective when ruling out a product, regimen or methodology.

Personally, I've applied baking soda (as a cleanser) to my skin and had great results. I did however water it down with water until it became a loose-like paste texture. However, I won't claim that using baking soda will garner the same results for everybody. You'll have to try it for yourself to find out it'll work well with your skin. 

The web is filled with so many skeptical posts around that which is naturally created while lending blind trust to synthetic, laboratory created by-products. Rationing that even though these synthetic concoctions have a laundry list of side-effects they've been tested and approved.

A quick Internet search will inform you about the side effects associated with many commercial brand FDA approved products and pills. The bottom line is -- follow your instincts and use your common sense. If you try a new product (be it natural or synthetic) and it doesn't work or it causes an adverse reaction by all means stop using it. 

It is my goal here to only share information with you, hoping you'll keep searching for healthy options that suite you uniquely. These posts are to encourage you to decide for yourself, please don't just take my word for it or anyone else's for that matter. Listen to your gut and in good reason (your's) go taste, feel, touch, explore the variety of options available to you. I hope you collect data, test it out, stick with what works and change it up when needed.

In your quest if you do experience an adverse reaction, it would be helpful for you to get to the root of what caused it, as it may be tied to a greater health concern.

For instance, some commercial products contain silicone to which some people are allergic. This means if you use a product and it agitates you not only would it best to stop using it; but also good to find out whether it contains an ingredient you're allergic to. The same process would apply when using natural products, vitamins, supplements, etc. 

Give yourself permission to get investigative about your body and when you discover a product or regimen that works, find out what qualities about it suites you best. This way you can build a repertoire of items (vitamins, supplements, etc.) that that you know will improve your health and body while knowing which products to avoid that have been ineffective for you.

Yes, even some natural options have side effects but it's best to check with a qualified health care provider who is also familiar with natural health approaches.

The only way to find out for yourself is to give it a try, even if that means you try a little bit at a time. Take time for yourself to learn the proper functions of your body, because you're worth it!

- Avec Amour

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