Monday, March 10, 2014

Natural Tips on Evening Your Skin Tone

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It's true, and yes even doable...

You CAN feel comfortable and confident in your own skin without using tanning beds, bleach creams or getting elective surgery.

Although we live in the culture of now, now, now... there is a heavy price to pay when you're rushing through life, especially when it comes to your personal care. With quick fixes comes quick messes; and you're certainly worth more than a quickie... beauty routine.

So, here are some easy solutions to evening your skin tone:

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Soap - yeah it may seem like an innocent non-assuming, foam-forming bar of soap; but its a toxic wasteland. Well not all of them, but most commercial leading bar soaps are fragrant chemicals that disrupts your hormones, throws your PH balance out of whack, and dare I say carcinogens (cancer causing). That's the short list. Don't believe me? Well, read more about it here. On the bright side, here's a link to Zum Bar Soap by Indigo Wild. It's an all natural soap brand that does a great job of cleansing without leaving behind the yucky toxins.

Exfoliate - this one is very important as the skin has three layers which are steadily replenishing itself -- think of it as you're literally shedding your skin everyday on a microscopic level. While each day as your skin becomes new, the dead skin piles on top of your new skin crowding out its space and literally stealing its shine. To that end, your skin may not be dull or uneven but in need of some serious deep scrubba-dub-dubbing.

Moisturize - many commercial leading brands are non-assuming pore cloggers. In addition to softening your skin they're also dumping in dyes, heavy metals (which disrupts the nervous system and damage organs) and synthetic ingredients that the body cannot recognize nor filter once its processed through your kidney and liver organs. A great substitute is to use a natural moisturizer, which uses whole ingredients sprouted from nature and not a lab. However use discretion here because all products claiming to be "natural" are not created equally. Using natural moisturizers will help to keep your pores unclogged and your skin moisturized, clean and clear.

Hydrate - It's true the best things in life are free... ha! or least they used to be; in this instance I'm talking about water, drink as much of it as often as you can. The recommended amount is to drink at least 6-8 glasses per day. I hope you're sipping some refreshing water while you're reading this.

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Eat - who knew that refined sugars and carbs and saturated fats would clog your pores and dim the brightness of your skin. Well, now you do! A good rule of thumb to take note of is if you're eating foods that are not good for you internally, they are equally bad for you externally. For instance, refined sugars and carbs cause your insulin to spike, then creating an inflamed environment throughout the body. This in turn causes your organs to work overtime to get the body to return to its natural, normal state. While the body is working overtime internally, this leaves little to no nutrients to help nourish the skin externally. Read more about this process here. Eat fresh fruits and veggies in as many colors and varieties as you can. If and when you can, eat local foods for added nutrients and eco-friendly goodness. A good rule of thumb; however, is that your plate should look like the rainbow with a variety of fruits and veggies that are different colors.

Sleep - do not slack up on getting your beauty rest. You deserve it. The lack of sleep causes your skin to age. Don't believe me? Well the proof is in the pudding with dark circles, fine lines and drab looking skin when you are sleep deprived. Without sleep your body begins to stress and releases the stress hormone, cortisol which breaks down collagen. What's collagen? Just the natural protein your body produces that keeps your skin even, smooth and pliable.

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